African American Literature

Walter Mosley
Victor LaValle
Andrea Hairston
N. K. Jemison



Chester Himes, (pictured at right, photographed by Carl Van Vechten), was a novelist and author of a series of Harlem detective stories which won the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière.

Who are the African American Speculative Fiction Writers?


You may already be familiar with some of these names. Speculative fiction, as the name implies, includes those genres of literature in which the plot is speculative, fantastical, futuristic, or really really scary. It also can include detective and murder mystery stories. The writers listed below create these kinds of fiction.

Octavia Butler
Steven Barnes
Samuel Delaney
Tananative Due
Linda Addison

Linda Addison, poet and fiction writer

Photo by Carl Van Vechten, Library of Congress


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