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Transportation & the Rise of Mass Tourism: Travel Literature

Unit 3
Contemporary Travel

Week 10

Contemporary Travel Guides 

Read: Selected online travel guides
Write: Respond to Week 10 Interaction Prompt(s) 

Week 11

The Seductions and Perils of Modern Tourism 

Read: Week 11 Class Notes, Angela Carter’s “A Souvenir of Japan” (PDF), Jhumpa Lahari’s “The Interpreter of Maladies” (PDF), and Margaret Atwood’s “Scarlet Ibis” (PDF)
Write: Respond to Week 11 Interaction Prompt(s) 

Week 12

Reading Beyond the Syllabus 

Primary Literary Text Project DUE Thursday
Write: Respond to Week 12 Interaction Prompt(s) 

Week 13

Travel and Film 

View: Lost in Translation OR Wild OR The Darjeeling Limited Write: Respond to Week 13 Interaction Prompt(s) 

Week 14
Final Project 

Final Critical/Creative Project DUE Saturday
Write: Respond to Week 14 Interaction Prompt(s)