Centennial Tribute


University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Centennial Committee 
Alumni Association 
Alumni Records Office 
Center for Lowell History 
Lydon Library/UMass Lowell Archives 
Office of Public Information and Publications

Lowell Historic Preservation Commission 
Lowell National Historical Park 
U.S. Department of the Interior

William T. Hogan, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Frederick P. Sperounis, Vice Chancellor, University Relations and Development 
Catherine Quinn, Director of Institutional Advancement 
Christine McKenna, Director of Communications 
Florence Zaher Lacouture, Coordinator of Alumni Records 
Amy Seybold-Burke, Director of Alumni Affairs 
Marianthe Dabekis, Ex. Sec., Alumni Association 
Margaret J. Smith, Bookkeeper, Alumni Association 
Kevin Shanahan, President, Alumni Association 
Mary H. Blewett, UMass Lowell Department of History 
Elizabeth James, Writer, Office of Public Information 
Martha Mayo, Center for Lowell History 
Peg Shanahan, Exhibit Designer 
Richard Marion, Gallery 21, Exhibit Design Associate 
Lisa Hochstein, Graphic Designer 
Eastern Photographic Services 
George of Lowell, Photographer 
Paul Marion, The Marion Studio, Exhibit Planner

John A. Goodwin * Mark Bograd * Stephen A. Orroth Jr. * Aldo Crugnola * Helen Jones Ronald J. Robillard Jr. * Raymond F. Dunn * Ernest P. James * Walter F. Dawson 
Ernest W. Robinson * Sharon A. Kastner Sambursky * Elizabeth Kennedy 
Christos Dabekis * Everett V. Olsen * Thomas J. Gillick Jr. * Henry J. Powell 
Charles Puliafico * Henry Brown * Theresa R. Commerford * Kalman Kobrin 
Philip Lamprey * Bernard Shapiro * Raymond Hardy * Stephen Driscoll 
Pauline Riordan Webber * Mary Lou Hubbell * Jack McDonough * William Kyros Arnold Lovering * Mike Wurm * Thomas Lumenello * Irving Winn * Gilbert R. Merrill George Merrill * Evan H. Fairbanks * David Pernick 
Richard Russell * George Duggan * Julie Mofford 
and all the other people who helped in small and large ways 
to make this exhibition possible -Thank You