About the New Launch

How will the new site be rolled out?
The site will be launched on the existing platform URL. You will have full access to all features the day that the site is launched at your school.

Will our IT set-up change?
No, the IT set-up will not change. Your internet access will automatically transition to the new site. Bottom line, there is no work to be done on your end to gain access to the new site.

When will training sessions for the new site be available?
Introduction to the new site will be made available to your representative within the first week of access to the new site. Ongoing training sessions for staff and students will be launched soon thereafter.

Who do we contact for further information on the new site?
For general questions about the new site or your subscription, please contact your account representative, Deborah Warner at dwarner@goinglobal.com or call Deborah at 1-804-337-1114.

Who do we contact if we encounter access problems?
Access questions should be sent to Emily Small at techsupport@goinglobal.com or call Emily at 612-669-4735. 

NOTE: We are happy to field questions regarding the new site or address access issues from school staff. However, individual questions from students should be directed to university personnel.