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The University of Massachusetts, Lowell will be among the first schools to receive access to the new GoinGlobal. The new website is more robust, more intuitive, and more interactive. 

The new GoinGlobal site is more robust, more intuitive and more interactive on multiple levels:

Responsive site design allows users to view GoinGlobal on-the-go from any mobile device
New guides have been added for 25 major metropolitan markets around the world
H1B visa application records now track back to 2010 for a historical understanding of  U.S. employers who have a pattern of hiring international talent
Personal accounts can be set to receive constant updates on new job listings and internship opportunities matching the user's selection criteria
Automatic translation allows users to experience GoinGlobal in more than 50 languages
An at-a-glance dashboard helps administrators see how their institution is using GoinGlobal


And that's only the beginning... View highlights of the new GoinGlobal(https://vimeo.com/178205833/690484eb4b)

As a reminder, to help your students and staff get the most out of GoinGlobal’s extensive resources, we offer a complimentary training webinar several times each month. You can register for sessions at:
Staff Training: https://new.goinglobal.com/training/staff
Student Training:https://new.goinglobal.com/training/students-alumni

Personal Accounts

What about personal accounts? Will new accounts have to be established?

Because the website has been completely revamped, top to bottom, individuals who have personal accounts will need to reset their accounts once the new site is launched. Note that all personal account holders will be notified in advance to make note of their bookmarked information since it will not transfer to the new site. 

The "new" personal account feature will have many additional options, including the ability to bookmark and save H1B visa applications, corporate profiles and, of course, guide content. The most exciting feature is that any new job or internship opportunities that match the users saved search criteria will automatically populate to your personal account. 

Remember that users can always connect to GoinGlobal directly via the link on your institution’s intranet should they choose not to re-establish a personal account.