Integrating GoinGlobal in Campus Life                                


* Have students produce short (one- to two-minute) videos that highlight GoinGlobal user services and benefits for posting on the university website.

* Create YouTube video testimonials.

* Use student-scripted and delivered ‘Infographic’ videos on the university website and in student centers.

Individual Student Training:

* Have students gain hands-on experience with GoinGlobal resources during one-on-one counseling sessions.

* Allow study-abroad students to access GoinGlobal using laptops at information tables in campus centers and career services offices.

Group Student Training:

* Offer GoinGlobal training activities during Orientation Week each semester. Over the course of 1-2 days, new students can familiarize themselves with the product, open their personal accounts and start exploring the contents.

* Conduct special workshops at a variety of times and locations, with guest speakers or classes, to introduce GoinGlobal and/or any new services it provides.

* Have a table of laptops available at job fairs at the start of the academic year. Open the browsers to the registration page of GoinGlobal and provide instructions, so students can register for accounts right then and there.

* Offer workshops for student clubs.

* Have a student navigate the site as a class presentation.

* Provide a training session followed by a proctored do-it-yourself opportunity.

Peer Training:

* Have trained student employees (IT assistants or career services assistants) introduce GoinGlobal to other students in peer-to-peer training sessions.

Academic Partner Training:

* Partner with key faculty, including academic advisors, and student leaders to do 'train the trainer' sessions, so they can then provide training and assistance to students.

* Train residence hall staff on the product at the beginning of the year, so they, in turn, can pass the word to their students as they see them struggle with career decisions.

With Tutorials – Print and Powerpoint:

* Create webinar PowerPoint presentations and send the links to students.

* Have print materials created in-house and advertised on electronic media (TVs) boards around campus.


* Offer webinars to help students and alumni learn to navigate GoinGlobal and its different information and functions.

* Feature various sections of GoinGlobal during live, interactive webinars based on participants' desired parameters.

By Integrating within Career Center’s practice:

* Incorporate the product/service into a career center's practice. For example, if the GoinGlobal search will provide students with information on options, build an exercise or activity within career exploration that utilizes the product.

* Use case examples when demonstrating the product to help users see the potential.

* Utilize GoinGlobal in for-credit classes taught through the career center.

* Mention and demonstrate GoinGlobal at workshops and classroom presentations.

* Introduce GoinGlobal at international student roundtable discussions that are informal and driven by the students' questions.

With Games:

* Set up a booth in a central student area and conduct demonstrations and offer one-on-one sessions.

* Have career center staff create a 'Family Feud' game show-style presentation that can be used for new student orientation to make the GoinGlobal site approachable and fun to use.

* Play a Jeopardy game using GoinGlobal information in freshman seminar classes.

* Create an electronic passport game to entice students to use the GoinGlobal online tools. Each month those signed up can win a raffled prize.