Tips for Raising Awareness of GoinGlobal

* Send the monthly e-newsletter to students as a monthly reminder about the GoinGlobal subscription.

* Visibly place the GoinGlobal link on multiple locations on your University website – you may have as many links into GoinGlobal as you would like as long as they are behind your University firewall.

* Post the handouts and posters within the career center as well as multiple places on campus.

* Use the sample articles and ads that are available on the GoinGlobal platform.

* Send a message out to professors to let them know that the University subscribes to GoinGlobal.

* Market GoinGlobal in your school newspaper as a regular column as well as take out an ad in the newspaper.

* Integrate GoinGlobal into career events such as classes, career fairs and international programs.

* Make sure career center staff know how to use GoinGlobal and provide information on GoinGlobal during one-on-one meetings with students as well as seminars.

* Hold a special seminar just on using GoinGlobal. * Share GoinGlobal articles on your Facebook page. See http://blog.goinglobal.com for current articles and archives.

* Include key product features in your online text or hand-out materials: http://online.goinglobal.com/PR/web/key_product_features.html

* Place the GoinGlobal logo or Product buttons prominently on your portal home page: http://online.goinglobal.com/PRLogos.aspx

* Use the sample GoinGlobal press release to announce availability of the GoinGlobal database in your campus newspaper or local press: http://online.goinglobal.com/PRPressReleases.aspx