Reserving Space in the Library

Students can now call dibs on rooms in University Crossing and O’Leary Library for campus project work, study groups or small groups. Simply scan the QR code outside rooms in the D!bs system or login with your email credentials to the D!bs system to search for available space. You will receive an email and text message (if you want) confirming the space and time of your reservation and reminders 15 minutes before your meeting and 15 minutes before the end of your meeting. 
Click for the D!bs instructions (pdf). If you have any questions, please contact


To reserve space at: 

  • The Tsongas Center, contact Tsongas General Manager Keith Vaske at 978-934-5761 or visit Tsongas Center website;
  • The UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center (ICC), contact ICC Sales Manager Carol Scalesse at 978-934-6917 or visit ICC website.

For further information contact Office of Special Events or call 978-934-3888.