Journal of Visualized Experiments, (JoVE)


A Picture is Worth a Thousand...

JoVE videos improve transmission of complex techniques with ease.  A sample of responses:

Dr. Monica Burdick, Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Ohio University

"Seeing techniques saves a lot of explaining, especially when the techniques are difficult to describe in words. JoVE articles are like having professionals show best practices in completing given techniques, which reduces the "fear factor" for users without a lot of lab experience when adopting a new method."

Friendly Users


Dr. Keith Miller, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Mount Union

"Using JoVE, students can visualize how a technique functions and how to set it up before coming to lab and can rewatch the video multiple times compared to my single lecture. Instead of spending 30 minutes to an hour rehashing how the technique works and how to set it up, students were prepared in half the time to start the lab. When biochemistry labs are only 3 hours long, it is wonderful to be able to save any bit of time. JoVE videos have made the lab experience for the students much more meaningful."


Jesse Matherly, Undergraduate Student, University of Kentucky

"JoVE's video format allows readers or viewers to see minor details of an experiment or method that (by nature) cannot be included in a text paper. I have found myself asking questions like "What is a membrane?" when reading about a Western Blot, or "Does this DNA stain come in a powder, or is it in a vial?" Questions like this may seem basic or trivial, but for those unfamiliar with the field, small details like this can make text papers difficult to follow and understand."