Curriculum and Instruction: History




Curriculum and Instruction will employ small group instruction as the main vehicle in analyzing various perspectives on the teaching of history. You will witness and participate regularly in the modeling of different instructional strategies and the development and application of social studies skills. 

Your Tasks

Here are the different tasks you need to complete:

• A 7 lesson unit on the legislative branch. Use the class lesson plan format. The lessons must address the following topics and include a language objective.

  • ✓  1 lesson on rising colonial protests especially around the idea of no taxation without representation

  • ✓  1 lesson on colonial protest and propaganda ( i.e. Boston Tea Party ( go beyond the Boston Tea Party (there were other tea parties) and do introduce propaganda from both colonists and colonial government/ Parliament

  • ✓  1 lesson on the Declaration of Independence with text analysis- choose your sections carefully- remember ELLs

  • ✓  Biography about Senator Kennedy with his major legislative accomplishments

  • ✓  1 lesson on Article I of Constitution

  • ✓  1 lesson using

  • ✓  1 lesson around persuasive letter writing and rubric to correct letters

  • Reflection on teaching ELLs : you need to record (without revealing names) the answers to these prompts: * 

  • ➢  Tell me what you know about the American Revolution? (tapping for prior knowledge)

  • ➢  Can you tell me something about the history of your country?

  • ➢  Did you learn about American history while you were studying the history of your own


  • ➢  Are you excited or anxious about learning about American history?

    *You need to ask each ELL in your group all these questions before you finish the tutoring. When you pass in your reflections at the end of tutoring you need to have scripted these answers.

•Rubric for protest poster
•Letter to parents about field trip
•Text analysis of D of I and Article 1 of Constitution
•Worksheet on ICivics
•Rubric to assess persuasive letter
You also need to pass into me the responses to these prompts:

  • ➢  What have you learned about yourself as a teacher in general and as a teacher teaching ELLs?

  • ➢  What do you think about this tutoring experience? Any benefits?

  • ➢  What do you think will be your greatest challenge in the classroom?

  • ➢  You received profiles of your ELL students. Did anything surprise you after

    teaching them??