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American Textile History Museum 
Ames Textile Corporation 
Angkor Dance Troupe 
Belvidere Neighborhood Association 
Bridge Review 
Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association 
Directory of Massachusetts Museums 
Franco American School 
Franco-Americans Culture 
Franco-American Women's Institute 
Immaculate Conception Parish Church, Lowell, Massachusetts 
Khmer Cultural Institute 
Khmer Legacies 
Lawrence, MA: History, Arts, and Cultural 
Lawrence History Center: Immigrant City Archives 
Lowell Historic Board 
Lowell Historical Society 
Lowell Massachusetts - (City) 
Lowell Massachusetts - (Community) 
Lowell (MA) Fire Department 
Lowell Five Cent Saving Bank - History 
Lowell Folk Festival 
Lowell General Hospital 
The Lowell Hellenic Heritage Association 
Lowell Heritage State Park 
Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust 
Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra 
Lowell, MA: School Department 
Manchester Historical Association (New Hampshire) 
Merrimack Repertory Theatre 
Merrimack River Watershed Council 
Merrimack River Valley House 
Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau 
Mogan Cultural Center 
New England Quilt Museum 
The Public Health Museum in Massachusetts 
Rogers Fort Hill Park Project 
Saint Joseph the Workers Shrine 
Saints Medical Center 
Society For the Preservation Of New England Antiquities 
Tewksbury, MA. 
Tsongas Arena 
Tsongas Industrial History Center 
University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) 
Whistler House Museum of Art

Ames (Blanche and Oakes) Mansion, Borderland State Park 
Anderson, Peder 
Bagley, Sarah - Correspondence 
Bagley, Sarah: Engines of Our Ingenuity #1245 
Butler, Benjamin F. 1818-1893 
Butler, Benjamin F. The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 
Butler, Benjamin F. The Beast of New Orleans 
Butler, Benjamin F. - Ames, Blanche 
Butler, Benjamin F. - Great site with many links 
Butler, Benjamin F. - Lockwood, Belva Ann 
Butler, Benjamin Franklin - New Hampshire War Heroes 
Butler, Benjamin F.  (southern view) 
Butler, Benjamin - 1850 Fugitive Slave Law 
Chadwick, George Whitefield (1854-1931) Composer 
Chamberlain, Betsey "Native American Mill Girl" 
Cornell, Sarah "She is more to be pitied, than censured" 
Cry, Louis 
Drew, George Franklin 
Foster, Judith Ellen Horton - Iowa Republican Party 
Fowler, Thaddeus Mortimer - Library of Congress Maps Collections 
Fox, Gustavus Vasa (Lowell High School graduate) 
Garin, Andre - Catholic Encyclopedia 
Hopkinson, Deborah - Lowell Author 
Jackson (Mattie J.) - The Story of Mattie J. Jackson 
James (Rev. Thomas) 1804-1891 - Life of Rev. Thomas James 
Kimball, Gilman - Physician 
Larcom, (Lucy) Celebration of Women Writers 
Lew, Barzillai 
Lew, Bucky Basketball Player 
Lew, Bucky First Black Pro Player 
Lew, Bucky 
Nesmith, John - 1703-1869 
Nesmith, Thomas - 1788-1870 Lowell, MA 
Poe (Edgar Allen) Webliography by Heyward Ehrlich 
Robinson, Harriet Hanson 
Sexton, Tom - lowell, MA to Alaska's Poet Laureate 
Struik, Dirk Jan - 1894-2000 
Tsongas, Paul E. - Congressional Record

AAS Exhibition- Women's Work- Factory Work 
The African-American Mosaic (Library of Congress) 
African Americans 
America's first trains 
American Folklife Center: Lowell, MA 
American Landscape and Architectural Design 1850-1920 
American Memory - HABS/HAER Collections 
American Memory - WPA Life Histories 
American Union of Associationists 
American Values in Historical Context - Brownson vs. Lowell Offering 
Anti-Slavery Society PA 1833 
Appleton-Aiken Family Papers 
Architecture and Interior Design 1935-1955 
Archive of 1850's America 
Art of the Draftsman 
Atlantic Salmon 
Ayer (J.C.) Company - Antique Bottles 
Ballard, Martha - A Midwife's Tale (Clara Barton's great aunt) 
Barton, Clara - nurse Massachusetts 6th Regiment 
Bell (Alexander Graham) Family Papers 1862-1939 
Boott (Kirk) - Ship Emerald Passengers 
Brownson, Orestes A. - Free Labor vs. Slave Labor 
Butler, Benjamin: Speech Lowell, February 1860 
Canadian Labour History Bibliography 
Century of Lawmaking 1774-1873 
Chapel Hill 
Child Labor in America - Photographs 
Child Labor in the 19th Century England 
Civil War - 19th Massachusetts Regiment 
Civil War Photographs 
Clamps in Lowell, MA - Aldrich 
Coggeshall, John I. 
College of Education 
Conservation New England 
Crisis at Fort Sumter 
Daughters of Free Men 
Decennial Census - United States 
Detroit Publishing Company Photographs 1880-1920 
Documenting America - Photographs 1935-1945 
Domestic Goddesses 
DuSable Museum of African American History 
Early Automobile Exhibit 
Emmeline - Santa Fe Opera Company and PBS 
Engines of Our Ingenuity: Lowell #159 
English Only Movement 
Franco-American Genealogy  
The Franco-Americans in Lowell, Massachusetts 
Folk Art: 
Gilmore (Patrick S.) Society - musician 
Hathaway Brown School - Lowell Performance 
Hawthorne, Nathaniel - Mosses from An Old Manse 
Health Care 
Historic American Sheet Music 1850-1920 
Hoyt's Cologne 
The Irish Famine, 1845-50 
International Workers of the World - History 
Johnson, Mary - Childhood Mortality 
Kansas - Emigrant Aid Society 
Larcom, Lucy - At The Beautiful Gate 
Larcom, Lucy - Idyl of Work 
Larcom, Lucy - A New England Girlhood 
Larcom, Lucy - Poems 
Lowell, Historic Trolley Project 
Lowell, Historic Trolley Study 
Lowell, Massachusetts Crime Statistics 1862-1920 
Lowell, Massachusetts - Newspaper Abstracts 
Lowell, Massachusetts - Photographs 
Massachusetts Acts and Resolves 
Massachusetts Oral History Project on the Great Depression 
Mercer (Asa)  and the Mercer Maidens 
The Middlesex Canal 1793-1853 
The Middlesex Canal 
Mill Girls - Daughters of Free Men 
Nell, William Cooper - The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution 
Nevis Synagogue Archaeology Project 
New England Bibliography 
New England High Schools Oral History Project 
No Irish Need Apply by Richard Jensen 
Panoramic Photographs Collection 1851-1991 
Peirce (Edward Burgess) Letters - Massachusetts Historical Society 
The Political Graveyard 
Portuguese Exhibit 
Portuguese in the United States 
Reconstructing the Chinese American Experience in Lowell, Ma, 1870s-1970s 
Repositories of Primary Sources 
Rural Hygiene - Florence Nightingale 
Sanitary Fairs (Lowell, MA) 
Smithville, Eastampton, NJ - Lowell, MA 
Spiritual History 
Steele (Julian) Housing 
Stories - Greek Americans 
Taxation for Religion in Early Massachusetts - Ron Golini 
Thoreau, Henry David: Lecturing Activities 
US Census Bureau - Includes Lowell, MA Data 
United States Vital Records Information 
Varnum, James Mitichell - American Revolution RI 
Votes for Women 
Walker, Quork - Commonwealth v. Jennison 
Wang Laboratories Reunion Page 
Whittier and Larcom: Kansas Emigrants Song/Call to Kansas 
Woman in America 1820-1842 
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930 
Women's Work and Women's Boards (Abby Child) 
Women and Work - 19th Century on the Topic 
Women at Work in Connecticut:1880-1920 
Working Girls of Boston - Carroll Wright 
World in Transition
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