Making a Storyboard

► Plan: Which part of your video comes first, and why?

►Decide: Which of your clips MUST be included to make sense?

►Create: How are you going to represent your clips visually?

With a storyboard, your goal is to communicate a visual experience to other people with very limited means. A series of drawings is not the same as a video. The purpose of your video may be to persuade, inform, entertain or any number of things but the job of the storyboard is to create in other people's minds a sense of what that video will be like, what it will do. The storyboard is a visual plan for your video.

Before sitting down to produce a storyboard, you and your team need a clear sense of what is going in to the video and in what order. The overall intention of the project, the visual means by which that intention will be brought to the viewer, the sequence of clips, all need to be planned in detail. Once this work is done, the storyboarding will be a matter of deciding on a style of drawing and selecting which clips are best adapted to put your point across as drawings.  You can't include every clip.  


Remember Your Audience

As you plan your storyboard, consider who will be looking at it and why. Are these very busy people who see many many storyboards, or are they people who have an interest in seeing this particular project come to fruition?  No matter who the audience for your storyboard, you need their attention.