Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Short Video

When your program is complete it needs to be exported out of Premiere Pro and in to a format where it can be viewed in other settings. There are two methods which differ in one way: you can either simultaneously continue to work in Premiere Pro while your video is exported, or, the exporting is done by the Premiere Pro program itself, so that you won't be able to use it to do other editing while it is exporting your program. If this seems like a distinction without a difference that's because it is. However if you are working in a high output professional environment, it may be an advantage to continue editing while your video is exported.

Two Export Methods

The two export methods in Premiere Pro are

►Export Media


When using the Export Media tab, make sure the sequence you want to export is select, either by clicking on it in the Timeline, or going to the Project panel and clicking on the sequence name.

In either method a drop down menu allows you to go to File, choose Export, then choose Media.  In the export settings screen, choose H264. Below this, under Presets it is a good idea to choose YouTube or Vimeo, but you may have certain requirements depending on how you plan to show your video. In this case research the file format that you need, and choose that.

In Output Name, decide which folder you would like to put your output in. In the Export Settings panel there are tabs labeled Effects, Video etc. The Effects tab allows you to apply effects or put in prepared titles and graphics at this point. choose Image Overlay and click on the named preset in the drop down menu which appears.