Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Short Video

To add color effects to your project go to the taskbar above the monitors, (not the workspace taskbar at the very top), and click the Color tab. A new panel opens up which contains controls and a thumbnail of the point in your sequence where the playhead is positioned in the Timeline panel.  Click on the transparent arrows in the thumbnail to see color presets applied.  In addition to this panel when you click the Color tab a panel called the Lumetri Scopes appears at the left, which contains graph-like bands of colors which represents the colors in the sequence where the playhead is positioned in the Timeline. Fine color adjustments can be made using the Lumetri Scopes

More on Color

The color workspace consists of a panel to the right of the Program monitor containing color wheels and sliders, and the Lumetri Scopes panel to the left of Program Monitor.  Many color edits can be applied using these intuitive sliders and controls. Begin with basic color correction by using the Basic Corrections tab to guide you through correcting exposure and light.  These edits are similar to what is found on phones and cameras as well as social media platforms such as Instagram. You can adjust white balance, tone, contrast, warmth and coolness and apply looks.

Use the color wheels to make finer adjustments to color. Click in the middle of the wheel and drag with the cursor to apply adjustments to a selected clip. To correct only a particular area of a clip, use the Mask tool, located in the Effects Control panel, to draw around an object with the cursor. You can apply corrections to that object only.

For the purposes of an informal public service video these color corrections are sufficient. If you are interested in more ambitious video projects, the world of color correction is extensive.  Learning to use The Lumetri Scopes panel may take some time but the expressive capacity is much greater.

This is the Color workspace in PremierePro. You can see the color wheel at the right where you can click in the middle and scroll to see color effects applied to a clip selected in the Timeline.