Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Short Video


If you want to compose the titles directly on the image use the technique described above to initiate a new named title file.  When you have named the new title, a text box will appear superimposed on the video in the Source monitor. The selection of image depends on the location of the playhead in the Timeline.  You can type directly in to this textbox, then change and scale type exactly as you would do in a graphics program. To add the titles to your video, drag them from the Source monitor to a separate, new video track in the Timeline. You can place the titled graphic at the exact place you want it to appear in your program by watching the Program monitor and dragging the titles box in the Timeline when you see the point you want the titles to appear.

If you want to change the duration of the appearance of the titles you can do this by grabbing the edge of the titled graphic box in the Timeline and dragging it to the point where you want it to disappear from the screen and create an outpoint by pressing keyboard command  O or using the outpoint control in the tool panel below the monitor, (shaped like an end bracket).

You can add graphic elements to the type separately, then superimpose the type on these elements.

The link above is a useful guide to applying text and graphic elements to you program. 

To apply titles over the images in your video start by going to the Titles tab in the taskbar at the top of the workspace.  From the drop down menu choose Lower Third Title, (meaning the title will appear in the lower third of the screen),  choose New Title, then Default Still.  Name the new title. You can also choose a prepared graphic from one of the bins in the Project panel.  Double click on the title style you want, and it will appear in the Source monitor inside a text box superimposed on your video at the point where the playhead is in the Timeline.Grab and drop the title on to a separate video track in the Timeline.