Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Short Video

Close-up of Timeline panel

Editing in the Timeline is similar to editing in the Source monitor. Move the playhead to the point at the beginning of what you want to remove, (the inpoint), then use the cursor to grab the edge of the sequence thumbnail, which shows up as a red bracket, then drag this to the playhead. You can also create an inpoint by hitting the Q key. Scroll the playhead to an outpoint by watching the Program monitor above as you scroll. then capture the edge of the clip in the track with the cursor and drag it to the playhead. This action is simple when you see it done in a training video. The two ends of the clip are lopped off. To close the gap either click and drag or click in the blank space and press the delete key on the keyboard, known as a ripple delete. Be sure to have the Snap function turned on.

Once you have your rough cut sequences and audio clips and have them stacked up in tracks in the Timeline, the fine tuning of editing begins. It's here that you create final edits, effects, transitions of various kinds and coordinate the Audio track with the images in the Program monitor.

The Program monitor, located directly above the Timeline in the upper right quadrant of the workspace, shows how your program actually looks, and it is where you watch to see how edits are affecting your project. Click the Snap icon at the top left of the time line, (shaped like a sideways horseshoe) to automatically connect your sequences together when you move them. The perpendicular line bisecting the stack of tracks in the Timeline is called the playhead. Hover the cursor over it and a blue handle appears allowing you to scroll it back and forth. This shows you the active point in the Timeline, which appears in the Program monitor directly above. Click in the space at the left naming the video track to expand to thumbnail slices of your sequences. Hit plus key to zoom in to these thumbnails.


You can change the sequence of clips in the Timeline. Start by locking the audio track if you have one in your Timeline. You can do this by clicking the padlock icon at the left of the audio track. Select the clip you want to move,then hold down the command key on Mac, control key in Windows, and drag the clip to the point in the Timeline you want it to appear, then release the mouse.