Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Short Video

Getting Started With Audio

In the Project panel click to open an audio file click it and drag it in to the Timeline. It will appear as a wave form in separate track below the video track. Press play in the Program monitor to hear your audio as it combines with your video sequences. You can scrub the audio with the playhead as you did with the video, but you can also mute the audio as you scrub since it doesn't sound good. The mute button appears at the left of the track in the audio box. 

 To adjust a sequence to match a certain section of the audio clip, you use a tool which appears in the vertical tool panel between the Project panel and the Timeline. The tool is called a slip tool and is at the bottom of the list of tools. Select this, making sure the play head is at the point in the video sequence you want to change.Then drag the slip tool over to the playhead, watching in the monitor until you see the point at which you want the audio to match and release the cursor.