Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Short Video

Creating Sequences

In order to make your video you need to navigate between your clips and create in and out points, which isolates the parts you"ll use, and combine these clips in to sequences.  The content for your project should appear in the Project panel in bins marked, Video footage, Audio,Graphics and Sequences. Click on a bin to reveal the contents then choose a clip and double click to load clip in to Source monitor, directly above on left of workspace. 
You can scroll a slider at the bottom of the screen  to move around the clip, or move the cursor back and forth, (scrub), to see what's in the clip.


You can create in and out points in the clip in two ways: using the tool icons in the toolbar below the image or using keyboard commands. The L key plays forward, hit it again to play double the speed. The K key stops the film, and the J key plays it backward, tap it twice to play back at double the speed.  Play clip to the point you need, then hit the I key to create an inpoint. When you have what you need from the clip, hit the O key to make and out point. Press K to stop. The tool icons, locatd in the tool panel below the image, are shaped like brackets and perform the same function.

You can fine tune your selection of in and outpoint by scrolling frame by frame  using the arrow keys on the keyboard or the arrow tool on the screen.

Sequence 3

When you are satisfied with the sequence drag and drop it in to the Timeline Panel at the bottom right of the workspace. You can also drag and drop directly to the Timeline from a bin in the Project panel. A slider at the bottom of the Timeline zooms in and out of the clip you working on, or use the plus and minus keys on the keyboard. You can drag multiple clips simultaneously from the Project panel by clicking the title at the top of a list, then shift clicking the last one. You can then drag these as a block to the Timeline.

To edit out a section of video, move the playhead to the point at the beginning of what you want to remove, (the inpoint), then use the cursor to grab the edge of the sequence thumbnail, which shows up as a red bracket, then drag this to the playhead. Scroll playhead to an outpoint by watching Program monitor above as you scroll. then capture the edge of the clip with the cursor and drag it to the playhead. the two ends of the clip are lopped off. To close the gap either click and drag or click in the blank space and press the delete key on the keyboard, know as a ripple delete. Be sure to have the Snap function turned on.

You can change the sequence of clips in the Timeline. Start by locking the audio track if you have one in your Timeline. You can do this by clicking the padlock icon at the left of the track. Select the clip you want to move,then jold down the command key on Mac, control key in Windows, and drag the clip to the point in the Timeline you want it to appear, then release the mouse.