Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Short Video

Above is an image of the Premiere pro workspace. The workspace can be customized for different tasks. Position your cursor on the edge dividing the Source monitor from the Program monitor. If you drag left you increase the size of the source monitor, if right, you increase the size of the Program monitor. 

Where to Start

The Premiere Pro workspace is divided in to four quadrants, each surrounded by task bars full of icons and menus of tools.

►Project Panel, lower left
►Source Monitor, upper left
► Timeline, lower right
►Program Monitor, upper right

(See illustration above.)

The Project panel tab is followed by a series of tabs behind the initial screen. Click the tab Media Browser to bring to the front. You can bring in clips from either panel by double clicking on a file name. The Media Browser not only allows you to import clips but recognizes the the file structure for certain tapeless media files and automatically combines them.

Across the top of the screen is a functional menu bar, (not pictured), with tabs labeled File, Edit, Clip, Sequence, Window etc. In these menus is a comprehensive list of the tools of the program, most of which can be accessed elsewhere under different tabs but when searching for a function, check the menu bar at the top of the screen

Because of the size of Premiere Pro, once you have it open in front of you it is advisable to quit out of other programs.




In Media Browser, click the eye icon in the task bar which brings up the file directory. Click on a file name to see thumbnails of the contents. To select a group of files in a drop down menu, click the first name of the first file then shift click the last file. Control or right click to show dialog box, choose import to bring these files in to Premiere Pro. Click the Project Panel tab, which shows the list of the selected files. Drag and drop them over the bin icon visible in the lower taskbar at the right, shaped like a filefolder. This opens a dialog box; give the bin a name.

Click the eye icon located in the task bar along the top of the project panel which highlights the name of the footage.
Media Browser allows you to see files in other Premiere Pro projects and import clips and sequences.
In Media Browser click on the triangle icon beside the name from the list of files, which reveals the contents of the file with its different bins. Click on a bin icon and at the right an icon will appear showing the contents of the bin. Control or right click it and choose import.
Click the Project Panel tab to see the contents of that bin along with all the bins containing material from that sequence. If you double click it it opens in to Timeline, at the bottom right of the screen. You are ready to edit.


Remember that the Premiere Pro workspace is flexible. The size of panels can be changed, expanded, and moved around by clicking and dragging the edge of the panel. You can superimpose one panel on another.
If you lose track of the location of a panel, along the top task bar go to Windows, where you will find a menu containing all the panels by name.