Ideas Roadshow

Ideas Roadshow was created by Howard Burton, who hosts in-depth conversations with a wide array of knowledgeable and passionate experts across the arts and sciences.

 Howard holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and an M.A. in philosophy. He has a special interest in how to best communicate scholarly ideas to non-specialists of all levels. Ideas Roadshow illustrates his belief in informal conversations as a means to combine current ideas with inside glimpses of the lives and motivations of professional researchers.

See the the User's Guide and other material for educators. Additional background about Ideas Roadshow can be found in the FAQ page.

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What you get

How does Ideas Roadshow use technology to create something uniquely substantive and engaging? That was the principal motivation to create this educational resource centered on in-depth conversations with a wide variety of scientists, researchers and authors across the arts and sciences.

Conversations are not the same as talks, lectures, or interviews. This format provides a seamless mix of enhanced, high-level content while providing an intimate window into a fascinating world of ideas.

High quality videos are combined with the convenience, accessibility, and enhanced functionality of Ideas Roadshow's own eBooks. The materials can be used to augment and complement classroom education as well as research activities at both undergraduate and graduate level. 

 Students (and teachers) get access to a behind-the-scenes view of different academic disciplines and hear experts talk about how they got into their particular field of expertise, what the hurdles were and how they overcame them, how they were able to reach excellence and generally what motivates them.