Adobe Creative Cloud

What are Lightroom and Bridge?

 The purpose of Lightroom is digital asset management, used in conjunction with Photoshop. The feature of Lightroom which makes it useful for photographers is that it is a database, rather than a file browser, making searches much quicker. Because photographers generate such a large volume of images, this search feature is essential. Lightroom also automatically compresses certain files, increasing functionality by lightening the burden on disc space.

Lightroom or Bridge?


The asset management tool which used to accompany Photoshop, Bridge, is no longer included as part of the Creative Cloud suite except as an independent download.  Designers who use Photoshop in conjunction with other programs tend to prefer Bridge because of its ability to manage more file extensions than Lightroom. Adobe has recently added database and compression functions to Bridge.  However the choice of asset management application depends on the type of use.  For independent photographers Lightroom is a good choice, for large volume photo businesses or graphic designers the choice to use Bridge may make more sense.  The video below makes the distinction very clear.