Transformation: The Core Curriculum




UMass Lowell has announced a new Core Curriculum effective for students entering Fall 2015. We are counting on faculty and staff to help implement these changes and to make sure that students have an accurate understanding of the requirements that they will be expected to meet.
Key changes:
Breadth of Knowledge
The requirements commonly known as the “Distribution Requirement” under the outgoing General Education program have been recast in terms of Breadth of Knowledge, with a renewed emphasis on students’ opportunities to engage in learning from multiple disciplinary perspectives.
In the past, only select courses carried designations for AH, SS, SCL, etc. Under the Core Curriculum, any course offered to the general university population will carry that department’s disciplinary designation. For example, any Psychology course that might be taken by a non-Psychology major will carry the SS designation for the purposes of satisfying the Breadth of Knowledge requirement.
We have identified a new Breadth of Knowledge designation: STEM. The Breadth of Knowledge requirement still requires two “science with a lab”courses (6 credits minimum), but in place of the “science with lab optional” requirement, students may complete courses in the new STEM area, which includes science courses without labs, plus math, computer science, clinical lab science, or engineering courses.