Advising for Mechanical Engineering

Q: How do I change my major?



A: Please watch the Brainshark video below for how to change your major. The form you will be required to file is available at




Q: What is a “technical elective”?


A: Please watch the Brainshark video below for how to determine if a course counts as a technical elective.






Q: How can I prepare for my advising session?


A: Students can maximize their advising session through preparation. Students should follow all instructions from their advisors regarding updating their advising spreadsheet and considering which courses they will take the next semester. Any questions that students have should be written down so that issues are raised and not forgotten during the session. Finally, students should reflect on their overall goals for their degree program and ask about opportunities for courses, co-ops, jobs, and future programs of studies that align with their short-term and long-term goals.


Q: Who is my advisor?


A: Students can log into SIS ( to see who their advisor is

Q: When can I meet with my advisor?

A: Students can coordinate – by phone, email, or in person – to schedule a meeting with their advisor at any time during the academic year.