Why is Sync useful?

Sync makes it easy to get up and go and have all your research waiting for you on your home computer, work computer, iPhone or iPad - just the way you left it


Become an Advisor

Join the Mendeley Advisors program today to help them spread the word across the globe. The team currently has over 2,200 advisors, including students and professors. Advisors can choose how they want to participate and the Advisor program is designed to fit around your work schedule. 

Sharing Idea with your colleagues

One quick way to share your ideas on Mendeley is by creating a group. Groups allow users to collaborate  and share a collection of documents. Any member of a group may upload documents to it. This feature is useful because you can easily your share ideas with your colleagues and write papers collaboratively without having to constantly e-mail back and forth.

Here is an example of Mendeley group! 


Note: Here is how you can create a group on Mendeley! First, click “Create Group” at the bottom left side of your desktop library.   Then, you can enter a group name, description, and a group type (Private, Invite-only, or open).  

How can I create a bibliography with Mendeley?

To create a bibliography in your Mendeley Desktop library, you should:

Step 1: Click the View button in the toolbar, and select Citation Style. (You will see that there are many different styles available.)

Step 2: Now open Microsoft Word, to drag and drop the document from your Mendeley Desktop library into Microsoft Word.

Note: You can also add this document to one of your groups to share it with your colleagues.

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Find a group

Mendeley has over 100,000 public groups available to join. First, you have to sign into your Mendeley account and click Groups. Now, type the name of the group what you would like to join.