Why is Sync useful?

Sync makes it easy to get up and go and have all your research waiting for you on your home computer, work computer, iPhone or iPad - just the way you left it


Getting Started with Mendeley Desktop Library

The Mendeley Desktop library is the software you will be downloaded when you create your Mendeley account. In addition to some of the features that you see in your Mendeley Web library, you can now sync your documents to have access to them in all your devices (Computers, iPhones, IPads). You can also read and annotate your PDFs. 

Here is an example of Mendeley Desktop library!


1. The left column is the overview of your sources. You will see that "My Library" is divided into folders and groups. Some folders are automatically created for you, such as Recently Added, Favorites, and Unsorted. The bottom section of the left column allows you to quickly filter by tags, author, publication, and author keywords.

2. The middle column is a sortable list of sources. What appears in this column is dependent on your selection in the left column.

3. The right column displays the details and notes of a selected source. What appears in this column is dependent on your selection in the middle column.

4. The toolbar contains common tasks, such as searching My Library; adding and deleting items and folders; and syncing. You can also perform many tasks with dragging and dropping or right‐clicks.