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"Jan Reichelt is Co-Founder and President of Mendeley, one of the world’s largest research collaboration platforms, offering a suite of free cloud-based tools that make the lives of millions of researchers around world easier. Mendeley helps people to organize and collaborate on research projects and makes academic research fascinatingly more accessible and transparent."

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Mendeley is a free reference management tool with desktop, web-based and mobile devise access for importing and organizing research, creating citations in Microsoft Word, reading and annotating PDFs. Mendeley is also an academic social network that focuses on connecting researchers,  securely sharing and discovering papers. This guide is designed to help students and professors quickly get started with Mendeley desktop and web

Mendeley can help you:

Mendeley allows researchers to search for documents, and save them into their libraries. Once the documents are securely stored, they will be accessible to any devices. To search for a document, you will need to click on the “Literature Search” on the top left side of your desktop library. Click on "Save" when you find the right document. You can also drag this document to a specific folder or group in your library.

Once quick way to add files or folders is to drag and drop them from your desktop into your Mendeley library. You can also import them by simply clicking on file, add files, and choose the files from your desktop. Mendeley allows researchers to create folders and sub-folders to organize documents. They can also add tags to a document for easy access.

Mendeley allows researchers to open, highlight and share documents with others. While you are on your desktop library, double click the PDF icon of any particular document to open it. Then, you can simply search for a keyword. Once the words are highlighted, you can click on the Note button to write your notes. This feature is useful when adding quick notes to a document.

With the Mendeley desktop library, researchers can create a private group to share ideas and annotate research documents. Click “Create Group” at the bottom left side of your desktop library. Then, you will have to enter a group name, description, and a group type (Private, Invite-only, or open). This feature is useful because you can easily your share ideas with your colleagues and write papers collaboratively without having to constantly e-mail back and forth.

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