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Pollard Memorial Library and UMass Lowell Library: History Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons: Suggested Entries for Editing

For participants of the 2014-15 Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons.

Create Entries About These Topics

Create Entries About These Topics

There are no entries about these topics.  If there is enough content to necessitate an entry, please create one.

  • New England Quilt Museum
  • Pollard Memorial Library
  • Ellen Sampson - first woman mayor of Lowell
  • Mechanics Hall
  • Sustainable Lowell 2025 - Lowell's improvement plan developed in part with urban planner Jeff Speck
  • Little Cambodia
  • Hugh Cummiskey - Irish Labor Leader
  • Lester G Hornby - Artist
  • Elizabeth Morse Hunking Walsh - Artist
  • Mico Kaufman - Sculptor
  • Edith Nourse - politician behind the G.I. bill

Photos and entries for these monuments would be an asset:

  • Ladd and Whitney Monument - in front of City Hall
  • Winged Victory Monument - in front of City Hall
  • The Worker Statue  - Shattuck and Middle Streets
  • Industry Not Servitude Monument - Lucy Larcom Park
  • Homage to Women Monument - Market St
  • Women Working Monmument - Market St

This the main Lowell Article


  • statistics on demographics and crime


  • sections on newer immigrants from India and Africa
  • section on the EPA Superfund site on Tanner St from the Silresim Chemical Corp
  • Kerouac Month to list of Annual Events


  • from points of interest remove the Pow Wow Oak; add Mill 5 and the Quilt Musuem


Entries that Need Citations Added

Entries that Need Citations Added

These entries need citations to help verify the information in them. Resources with more information are listed on some of these articles' Talk Page.

Entries that Need Grammatical Edits

Entries that Need Grammatical Edits

These entries are well developed, but may need some spelling and grammatical edits to help clean them up and improve quality.