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Harry "Bucky" Lew: Bukey Lew

Lowell’s Harry “Bucky” Lew is believed to be the country’s first black professional basketball player.

Bucky Lew

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Harry "Bucky" Lew (1884-1963)
Produced by WSBK-TV, Boston (9:21 minutes)

FROM:  Wikipedia entry for Harry Lew

"Harry "Bucky" Lew was born in Dracut, Massachusetts, the son of William and Isabell Lew. A member of an African-American family with a long history in Massachusetts. His great-great-grandfather, Barzillai Lew, was a freeman who served in the American Revolution. His great-great-aunt Lucy Lew and her husband Thomas Dalton were civil rights activists. The home of his grandparents, Adrastus and Elizabeth Lew, was a station on the Underground Railroad. His father, William Lew, was a delegate to the 1891 Equal Rights Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. Like generations of Lews, Bucky Lew was a talented musician and played a violin solo at his graduation from the Moody Grammar School. In the late 1890s, he entered his father's dry cleaning business in downtown Lowell."