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Interested in learning more about Final Cut, Phototshop, or Dreamweaver? All you need is a valid UML email address and password.



♦ Digital Video Cameras

♦ Canon Vixiz HFM 500 SD Card

♦ Canon Vixia HDV 30 (mini-DV tape)

♦ Canon GL-2

♦ Canon ZI 960 (mini-DV tape)

♦ Kodak Flip Cameras

Tripods (with Bogun Head)

Portable Audio Sound Systems

♦ Anchor speakers

♦ Peavy amp head (4 and 6 input)

♦ Peavy speakers (small and large)


♦ Samson Wireless Lavelier

♦ Shure SM58 hand held

♦ Wireless hand held

♦ Shotgun mics

♦ Wired lavelier mics

Video Light Kits (Lowel)


Also Available

♦ Digital Still Cameras

♦ LCD projectors

♦ Portable Green screen

♦ Portable Green screen

♦ 5 & 6 foot Portable Screens