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ExecuComp offers extensive, transparent executive compensation data, including current, historical, total compensation, executive options, and compensation of industry peers. Focus on the key factors underlying each company's compensation policies and decisions, making it easier to identify trends within an industry, within the company, or among peers. ExecuComp also allows you to link a company's performance to actual compensation levels.
Key Advantages:
  • Conduct accurate historical research on executive compensation with full details on executive stock and option awards as well as pension plans
  • Access comprehensive executive compensation data on the top officers for the S&P 1500 Index active, inactive, current, and previous members
  • Capitalize on detailed breakouts of compensation data for your research on historical compensation trends
  • Conduct in-depth comparisons with select company financial information, and compare executive pay versus company performance
  • Includes over 37,000 executives, including top officers at over 3,000 companies
  • Compensation data on the top officers for the S&P 1500 Index
  • Annual data from 1992 on the top 5 highest compensated officers
  • Summary compensation data for executives and directors
  • Details on restricted stock and option awards, exercises, and previously granted awards that are still outstanding
  • Details on deferred compensation and executive pension plans
  • Selected key financial metrics for each company