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Platinum troubleshooting/ support

If you need assistance with installing or using SDC Platinum software, please contact Matthew_Conlon@uml.edu.

You may also contact ThomsonReuters at the numbers below:

US: +1 888-989-8373

Thomson Reuters Customer Zone (support website with e-mail form)

Technical Requirements for SDC Platinum

SDC Platinum requires installation of client software onto a Windows PC.  Please contact Matthew_Conlon@uml.edu to schedule an appointment .

VISTA USERS: See the notes at the bottom of Installation Guide (below) before proceeding with your installation.

MAC USERS: SDC Platinum software is not available for the Mac OS.

How to Connect - Step 1 Downloading the SDC Platinum software

Step 1: Downloading the SDC Platinum software

***This requires approval from Thomson Reuters which may take up to 24 hours.***

If you are conducting venture capital or private equity research, please consider using the web version of Thomson Reuters' VentureXpert (requires MS Explorer browser).

NOTE: You MUST use Microsoft Internet Explorer (this download will NOT work with FireFox).

  • Go to https://customers.reuters.com/Home/
  • Under "Don't Have an Account?", enter your MIT e-mail address and click Register. Follow the registration steps. When entering a Company Name, use MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (not "MIT").
  • If you are prompted for a site code and a Technical Account Manager: the site code is USMIT77 (all caps). Select "Suzanne Stein" for T.A.M.
  • Once registered, Thomson must approve your registration.  You will receive an e-mail from Thomson within 24 hours.
  • Once you are approved, return to https://customers.reuters.com/Home/ and log in.  From the "Select a product..." drop-down menu in the upper-right corner, select SDC Platinum and click Go. You should then see links to the SDC Platinum software download. Click on the link to the most recent version and follow the instructions and steps on screen to complete the download to your harddrive.

How to Connect - Step 2 Installing the Software

Step 2: Installing the software

Print out or note the Login ID, Password, and Host information (UML authentication required), then follow the steps in the installation guide below.

How to Connect - Step 3 Launching the SDC Software

Step 3: Launching SDC Platinum

Launch SDC Platinum either from your Start menu or from C:\SDC\(version)\Platinum\Bin\Platinum.exe (if this does not match, find the Platinum application in the Bin Folder located in the SDC install directory). 

Click on Login. When prompted, enter the initials of the user you set up during installation. Click OK.

SDC Platinum will attempt to log you into the Thomson Reuters SDC servers.  On success, you will see a "Billing Information: Enter Project Description" box (enter anything and click OK; you will not be billed for your sessions). 

You will then see the SDC Bulletin splash screen. Click OK to proceed to the database selection screen. Select a database.

How to Connect - Step 4

SDC recommends executing online updates of the software after installing and once per month thereafter. Follow the instructions in the Online Update document below.