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SDC Platinum

Access to SDC Platinum

Access to SDC Platinum is available to UMass Lowell-affiliated faculty, students, and staff.

To get started using SDC Platinum you'll need to request an account.  Please email Khondkar_Karim@uml.edu for more information.

SDC Description

SDC Platinum™ is the industry standard for information on new issues, M&A, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills, and more. Backed by our international team of expert analysts, SDC Platinum satisfies your need for a global reach from a local perspective.

As the world's foremost financial transactions database, SDC Platinum is your source for the most thorough and accurate account of the global financial marketplace. SDC Platinum provides users with a robust database for analyzing investment banking and deal trends, identifying comparable deals, monitoring deal activity, and generating industry-leading league tables and market-share analysis

What's Included

You will get access to:

The most comprehensive deals source in the marketplace:

  • League tables derived from the most robust and relevant league table criteria in the industry
  • Highly flexible database and screening tool for creating complex searches, reports and analysis

This includes:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions transactions
  • Debt Capital Markets: bond deals,
  • Equity Capital Markets transactions 
  • Syndicated Loans transactions
  • Public Financing data
  • Project Finance data
  • Joint Ventures and Repurchases 
  • Corporate Takeover Defense: Takeover defense profiles
  • Shareholder Activism: Detailed histories

SDC Platinum Data Parameters:

SDC Platinum is a collection of several financial databases produced by ThomsonReuters. The UML Libraries subscribe to:

  • Global New Issues - (domestic: 1970+, international: varies, but none before 1978; in both cases most recent 30 days are excluded)
  • Syndicated Loans - (1995+; most recent 30 days are excluded)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions - (domestic: 1979+, international: 1985+; in both cases most recent 30 days are excluded)
  • VentureXpert - (1969+)
  • Project Finance International - (infrastructure deals; early 1990s-present; most recent 30 days are excluded)

In order to use the SDC Platinum databases, you must install the SDC Platinum software on your desktop (see below for technical requirements and instructions).  Alternatively, authorized UML users may use SDC Platinum databases on a workstation in the Manning School of Business computer lab.  Exported data may be saved to a flash drive.