MathSciNet  Premier resource for mathematics articles with extensive backfile
Compendex Plus Engineering database with many mathematical applications
Ingenta Covers 25,000 journals in all fields

Journals (full text)

UML E-Journal List Check here to see if UML has your desired journal in eformat
ACM Digital Library Premier computer database with much full text
Annual Reviews Offers lengthy full-text reviews on general topics in all sciences
SIAM Journals UML has full-text access to all SIAM titles, with backfiles
ScienceDirect Full-text database of 1100 Elsevier titles, 1995- covers all sciences and engineering
Academic Search Premier Excellent general database, covers over 5000 titles with much full text
Lexis Nexis Excellent business and legal database with extensive company financial information
Expanded Academic Index Good general database
Mathematical Physics Preprints Free website with full-text of papers in mathematical physics
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal E-only refereed journal in this subject
NY Journal of Math open access title
Wiley Journals Full-text of 870 Wiley titles, 1996- covering all sciences and engineering

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries

Mathematics Dictionary UML subscription to Oxford's Mathematics dictionary
Integer Sequences Encyclopedia which features all integer sequences
Polyhedra Encyclopedia Encylopedia of shapes, with graphics
Wolfram's Math World

Women Mathematicians