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Hints: Put phrases in quotes  "climate change"
use AND between different terms
"climate change" and "federal policy"

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Why use an Index

Indexes are the search engines for finding journal articles.

Boolean operators (and, or, not) are used to signal relationships between terms and how you want them searched.

(aggression or violence) and hemingway

Descriptors are assigned to describe what is covered in each article. 

A Thesaurus is a searchable descriptor list to identify the best terms to search and shows broader, narrower or related terms you might not have thought to use.

Getting Articles

Our indexes link you to articles that we own via the 360 Link.

The same page has a link to request those articles that we do not own. Register to create a username and password that you use each time to request an item.

Major Indexes

SAMPLE: "multinational corporations" and "social responsibility"

Specialized Indexes