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  • Arts (Yahoo) - A directory of links in a variety of art related categories.
  • Art on the Net - Also known as site offers artists a place where they can have studios and gallery rooms that can be accessed via the WWW.
  • Tilt-Shift Van Gogh
    The visually stunning field of tilt-shift photography became a fairly big thing in the Web a couple of years ago. It uses a special lens that gives a real-world scene the illusion of being a miniature model. The effect can be simulated in Photoshop, by adjusting a photograph's contrast, colour saturation and depth of focus. It works quite well with regular photographs, so Art Cyclopedia staff decided to try it using paintings to see what would happen, and it turns out that the works of Vincent van Gogh in particular make excellent subjects for this kind of treatment. Following is a slideshow of 16 awesome photomanipulations based on some of van Gogh's most moving and powerful paintings.