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Google Art Project
Google Art Project is an ambitious effort to bring many of the world's great artworks together on one well-organized and designed site.Try the "How to Use the Site" video in the FAQ section to get oriented to how things work here. Currently, there are 150+ partners working with Google on this ambitious effort, including the Acropolis Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and The Toledo Museum of Art. All told, there are over 30,000 works of art on the site. Many of these are organized into virtual tours, all of which are worth exploring. On the homepage, you can browse via the Collections, Artists, Artworks, and User Galleries tabs. You also have the option to create their own gallery where you can compile their own well-curated collections for future reference.



    This guide is divided into a number ofpages where you will find both UML and general web resources relevant to art.
    Books - links to the UML catalog, online books, getting books from other libraries.
    ►Articles - links to indexes that you search to find articles on a topic

    ►Dictionaries - links to databases on art terms and concepts

    ►Images - links to artwork visuals
    ►Art history - links to online information on art from different time periods and individual pieces and artists
    ►Graphic Arts - links to graphic design organizations, tip sites, and design idea sites
    ►Photography - links to sources for statistics criminal justice and to individual statistic sources
    Search Engines - links to art-centered search engines

    ►Web Sites - links to websites related to Art and Art History