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Investigating Intelligence


Some Additional Resources:
How Intelligence Happens

by John Duncan
The basis of this discussion, Duncan's work covers the foundations of psychology, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience to the most current scientific thinking, it is for those curious to understand how their own mind works. Click here to read the review from The Times Higher Education.

The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability

by Arthur R. Jensen
If interested in diving into the history and the science of Spearman's identification of the G factor, Jensen explains the metric, genetic, and physiological basis of g, as well as the major theoretical challenges to the concept.

Mapping the Mind

by Rita Carter
For the nonspecialist who is interested in neuroscience and the geography of our brain, Carter's book is a good resource and is replete with illustrations.

Overview of Education Resources

This guide is divided into a number of tabs under which you will find both UML and general web resources relevant to education.

Books - links to the UML & BLC Virtual Catalogs and online books.

Articles - links to indexes that you search to find articles.

Dissertations - links to databases for dissertations and thesis written by UML students and students at other colleges and  universities..

Guides - links to UML Institutional Research Board website and search guides to ERIC, Education Full Text, SocIndex and Sociological Abstracts that you can download.

Higher Education - Links to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Accredition Agencies, Almanac of Higher Education,Carnegie Classification, IPEDS data, Higher Education Resource Hub, MA Board of Higher Education, Higher Education Public Policy, and Tax support for Higher Education by state.

Law - Links dealing with educational law. 

Standards -Links to the MA Curriculum Framwork, and other standards developed by educational organizations such as: Art, Civics, Economics, Foreign Language, Information Literacy, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies & Technology. 

Statistics - Links to education statistics for Massachusetts, the U.S. and international.

Tests - links to databases, test review sources and online websites dealing with tests & measures.

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