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UMass Lowell Integrating Libguides in to Blackboard

UML Library is adopting the Springshare Automagic LTI Tool so that a targeted libguide will open up inside a Blackboard course. LTI stand for Learning Tools Interoperability. This libguide covers the required set up which the library must do to make it's content discoverable by the Blackboard LMS. It does NOT cover the Instructional Technology side of the process. For that please see the Springshare support page for LTI.
This tool, set up at the system level of an LMS,(in this case, Blackboard) automatically adds a navigation item to every course, that points users to appropriate content for that course. The tool takes the data from a particular field it's sent from the LMS (the LTI Parameter) and matches the value to the value of a Metadata field in your guides / courses. 

LTI Page Builder

In order to set up an LTI in libguides you must be a system level Admin in LibApps.

We add the LTI parameter on the libguides side. In our case, it is named context_title, which allows the Blackboard software to connect the guides via the Registrar's course numbers.



When setting up interoperability with Blackboard, LibApps uses an LTI Page Builder. This page is a customized landing page for students, where you can display related guides, a link to Databases, LibGuides, and LibAnswers widgets.

We have the option of bypassing the Library Page in cases where there is an exact match between the metadata and the course. In that case only the course guide, rather than the Library Page, will open up in Blackboard.

The metadata, which must be added to every guide intended to appear in Blackboard, will consist, among other information, of the Registrar's course numbers.You do not have to be a System level admin in LibApps or Libguides to add metadata to a guide.