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This research library guide offers information on databases, interlibrary loan, plagiarism, citation and other online resources. 
A database is a collection of information on a website organized so you can conduct a search (by keyword, title, author, etc). The UML Library provides ccess to a multitude of databases for students. Sources include journal articles, books, conference papers, maps, government reports, etc.
The library catalog is the best place to start to look for articles, books and other media, in particular peer-reviewed articles from academic journals (for example, Nature).
To clarify, a database can be used to search for journals, which contain peer-reviewed articles, vital to references when writing a thesis or doing research.
Some databases provide full-text and some don't.  If the database you're searching doesn't include full-text, use: 

Biology Databases

Proquest Biological Sciences  Collection is the most comprehensive database in biology and usually the best starting place.

Several other options to find specialized articles include the following databases and websites: