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How to Format Papers in APA Style

What is APA Style?

APA style is a format for academic documents such as journal articles and books. It is modified in the style guide of the American Psychological Association (APA), titled the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The APA states that the guidelines were developed to assist reading comprehension in the social and behavioral sciences, for clarity of communication, and for "word choice that best reduces bias in language".[1][2]

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here here.

What You Can Do

► This website from Purdue University provides a step by step description of creating APA style references. (APA calls works cited within the body of the text references. Elsewhere they may be called citations.) 

► To format an entire document in APA style, whether for course work or publication,  click here for a step by step demonstration from the APA website.