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Where do I start?

Choose Which Papers you've authored

One of the major advantages of is it's ability to store your papers, making them accessible to the public. You can upload papers in a variety of ways. When you first log on to, you may see in the bottom right corner, some of your papers automatically associated with your profile. Select the green plus sign to add a paper, or minimize this box to manually add your papers.

Where do I Start?

You can manually upload a paper in several different ways - all ultimately result in the same thing. There are three ways to upload a paper: 1. From the main menu on the top, select "Upload Papers" 

2.On your home page, scroll to the box that says "It looks like you don't have any papers" and select "Upload" and 3. Select "Papers" on the left-hand main profile editor and at the top, select "Add Paper". 


How do I Add a paper?

Your first step is to check whether or not you can legally upload your paper to's site. The general rule is that the person who creates a work is the author and owner of the work - at the same time, the author can put this work on their website. However, there are exceptions to that rule for works made for hire and for copyrights that have been transferred, assigned, willed or given to another party. For more information see's copyright laws

Regardless of which option you select to upload a paper, you will see this screen:

If you have the file you wish to add, select "Choose File" and add the paper from your server. 
You can then add the details to your paper (title, abstract, authors).











You can select a co-author from the profiles on; if your co-author is not listed, select "Add Co-Author". You will then have the option to invite a co-author to create a profile on 

 After adding co-authors you will then be instructed to add research interests. These act as tags. For example, if you add bioluminescence as a research interest, anyone that searches "bioluminescence" will get this paper along with the others tagged as such. 
Lastly, you have the ability to share you're upload as a tweet. Once complete, select "Finish" or "Upload Another". 

After you have upload a paper you still have many options to edit, move, delete, etc. On your papers section you will see a list of your papers similar to this screen. Here you can reorder your papers, edit a specific paper, delete the paper, or move this paper to another section. 

When you first go to upload a paper, you may not have the file and/or permission to the file. Simply select "No file to upload". You will then see a screen similar to if you were to have a file, with one addition. This screen will have a section for a link. You can then add a link to your paper if it is accessible online. 

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