How to Use

How can I connect using

There's a variety of ways to use to connect with other professionals, academics, and even students. This page will explore several of these options including: sending messages, making posts, inviting/finding friends, following topics/people, bookmarking papers.

messages and posts

Send a message

One of the features of is its ability to send a message to another professional with an profile. On the main bar at the top, hover over the down arrow next to your name, and select messages. Here, you will see anyone that has sent you a message and have the ability to send a message.

  Click this button to enter a recipient and a message.

make a post

Like most social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) you have the option to make posts. These posts appear on the news feeds of those who follow you. Select "Add Post" from your main edit page, to display a small box where you can write a new post. On your "Posts" sections, you can see all of your posts and have the option to edit and delete any of them.

Invite/Find Friends

There are variety of ways to find/invite friends on From the main search bar hover over the down arrow next to your name and select "Find Friends".

From here you can find friends through Facebook, Email or Twitter. will search your contacts and show which friends and colleagues have accounts on 

Another option to is to invite friends who do not have profiles on the site. From the down arrow on the main menu bar, select "Invite". Here you can manually type email addresses, or search your email account to invite contacts. 

Bookmark a paper offers options to not only view others papers, but also save and download them. When you search for a paper, research interest or are just browsing another's papers, you will see options below the title to download a pdf and/or view as a link on another site. The third option is bookmark. This allows you save this paper. From the down arrow on the main menu bar, select "Bookmarks" to see all those papers you've saved. 





Follow is a powerful way to find new researchers and papers that are of interest to you. Begin by conducting a search in the main search bar at the top of the website.You can search for people, research interests and universities. 

With a search, a thorough list of results will appear. You will have options to view profiles and follow such profiles, as well as view papers, research interests, etc. When you follow a person or research interests, papers and posts will appear on your news feed generated from those things you have followed. To access your news feed click "Home" on the main menu bar at the top of the site. does a brilliant job giving suggestions of topics, jobs and research you may be interested in. On your home screen you may see a "Suggested Research Interests" box where you can follow or ignore topics. After selecting a research interest, will also generate a list of related interests. Using these tools, you can hone in on any topics you may want updates for. At the same time, after you've followed specific research interests, jobs with that tag will appear on your news feed.

Everyone has their views, followers and following displayed on their main page. You can view your followers, and followings on your main edit page.