How to Use

Begin Setting up your profile

After you have confirmed your email and selected "Edit Your Profile" you can now begin to build your page. Upon following this link you should see a screen with the basics of the information you have entered a very simple interface where you can begin editing and adding data. From here you can edit your general information, connect with friends and colleagues and add papers.

From the main menu at the top, select the down arrow next to your name to edit some other information that may not be on your home screen. This includes your account settings, where you can change email notifications, connected websites and privacy settings. 

For more information on's privacy policy click here. For any other issues/questions not covered in this guide check out's Help Center.

Customize Your Page

One of the first things you'll want to do is add your affiliation. You can do this by selecting "Add Affiliation" under your name on the main edit page. This screen will appear where you can add your school, department, position, etc. You also have the option to make this a primary or secondary affiliation on the right hand side. To add a secondary affiliation scroll to the middle of your main page and edit research interests. A pop-up box will appear and one of the options will be to add another affiliation.

Your affiliation will appear under your name. You can always go back and edit this

You can add a custom photo on your main edit page. Simply select "Upload a new photo" and browse your server. After you've upload your photo you may want to change it. Scroll over the picture and then select "change photo".

On your edit page, scroll down to the middle to select "edit" under research interests.

Here you can add a secondary affiliation, research interests, about and advisors/supervisors. Your research interests will appear on your main page along with a short about. 

On your left-hand side edit toolbar you can upload a curriculum vitae. Simply select "Add CV" and then "Upload". When someone looks at your profile they can select CV on the side, and have the ability to look at your upload document through Scribd, as well as the option to download a copy. 

From your main profile edit screen you can add contact info and social profiles. Upon selecting "Add Contact Information" you can type an email address, address and phone. After selecting "Add Social Profiles" you directly put your link for any social profile(s) including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, Wordpress, etc. These will all appear to the public on your main page.

On your left-side main edit interface you can add sections. Select "Add Section" to bring up a dropdown of all of your new section options. You can add Books, Talks, Conferences, Drafts, Book Reviews, etc. Your news section will appear on your 

main page. You can change the order of your sections (ie papers, talks, books, etc) by selecting and dragging the the three bars next to "Papers".
You can add/edit the contents of these new sections by selecting the section of interest. will automatically pick out the appropriate file formats and uploads for that section. You can also change the name of any section at any time by clicking the crayon next to the section name.
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