How to Use

where do i start?

Where do i start?

Begin by going to the main page. On the top right corner select sign up.


You will then be instructed to sign up with Facebook, Google or email.

Confirm email

Upon entering your basic information you will see an email from Confirm your account. You will then receive a second email from the site, which welcome you. The email should look similar to this. Select "Edit Your Profile" to get started! main menu

The main menu bar along the top of the page is your portal to all things Starting from the left, the first icon, the bell, is where you can view all notification, such as new followers and new updates on anything you've followed. The second button, Home, will bring you to your news feed where you can see all updates, status, papers, etc. For more information check out the Start Connecting page. The third icon, Analytics, will show you who is looking at your papers. For more information check out the Analytics page. The third button is where you can upload your papers. The last button with your name will bring you to your home page. Here you can edit any aspect of your site. The down arrow will bring up more options such as messages, co-authors, friends, etc.