UTCH2020: Interactions and Equity - Lewis

Course Policies

Field Experiences:

Five to six field experiences including the interview with your mentor teacher comprise a major part of the course. Please notify the instructor of any conflicts with your schedule and your teaching requirements. You must be in the classroom where you will teach your lessons 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class.


  • Monday Sept 12 – Friday Sept 23: Complete Two observations and School Scavenger Hunt
  • Monday Sept 26 – Friday Sept 30: Complete Teaching Event 1 (Lesson 1)
  • Wednesday Nov 9 – Nov 23: Complete Teaching Event 2 (Lesson 2 and 3)

CORI and Fingerprinting

As with other field-based courses, your CORI check must be complete in sufficient time to visit the high school. There is typically a wait time of 2 weeks needed for processing your CORI forms. You will be given CORI forms for your school setting during the first week of our class.

Some school districts require you to have your fingerprinting done. Your instructor will inform you in class if you are placed in a school district where this is a requirements. You will be responsible for getting your fingerprints done.

Academic Honesty:

Please refer to the undergraduate catalog with respect to cheating and plagiarism. http://www.uml.edu/catalog/undergraduate/policies/academic_dishonesty.htm