UTCH2020: Interactions and Equity - Lewis

Course Objectives


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Course Objectives – Candidates will be able to:

Assignments linked to this objective

1 - A2

Design effective and rigorous standard-based units of instruction consisting of well-structured lessons with measurable outcomes.

Create and teach a mini unit consisting of two lessons.

1 - B2

Use a variety of informal and formal methods of assessment to measure student learning growth, and understanding.

Lesson plans must show use of formative assessments and summative assessments indicating grading criteria in the lesson plans.

1 – B2

Develop differentiated and enhanced learning experiences, and improve future instruction.

Lesson plans must show differentiation of instructions to meet the needs of learners and reflections based on the lessons should indicate improvements of future instructions.

1 – C2

Analyze data from assessments, draw conclusions, and share them appropriately.

Pre- and post-assessments must be analyzed and data discussed with peers to inform future planning

1- SEIa

Use instructional planning, materials and student engagement approaches that support students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, strengths and challenges.

Lesson plans must show use of resources and relevant materials to engage and support students of diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds.

1 - SEIc

Demonstrate knowledge of the differences between social and academic language and the importance of this difference in planning, differentiating and delivering effective instruction for ELLs.

Submit a research paper demonstrating knowledge of the differences between academic and social language by identifying the academic language students will need to achieve the objectives of the mini unit.

2 – A1

Use instructional practices that reflect high expectations regarding content and quality of effort and work, and engage all students, and are personalized to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests, and levels,

Demonstrate high expectations from all students in terms of effort, work and knowledge of content and the use of variety of strategies to accommodate the diverse learning styles, needs, levels, and interests of the learners.

2 – B1

Create and maintain a safe and collaborative environment that motivates students to take academic risks, challenge themselves, and claim ownership of their learning.

Demonstrate effective execution of the 5E teaching and learning model in which math/science lessons are planed using an inquiry approach where collaboration is encouraged for students to seek answers to an over-arching question or solve a problem.

2 – C1

Create and maintain an environment in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected.

Demonstrate effective use of strategies to create an environment conducive to learning where students of diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected.

2 – D1

Plan and implement lessons that set clear and high expectations and make knowledge accessible for all students.

Demonstrate effective implementation of the planned lesson with high expectations making knowledge accessible to all learners.

2 –F1

Employ a variety of classroom management strategies and establish effective routines and procedures that promote positive student behavior.

Demonstrate use of effective classroom management strategies during the teaching events where routines are established promoting positive student behavior.

2 - SEIb

Use effective strategies and techniques for making math/science accessible to ELLs

Demonstrate the use of planned strategies that effectively make science/math content accessible to ELL students.

2 - SEId

Maintain a safe and collaborative learning environment that values diversity and motivates students to meet high standards of conduct, effort and performance.

Demonstrate the use of planned activities and resources that effectively engage, motivate, and involve diverse learners to perform at high standards of conduct, effort and performance.

4 – A1

Reflect on and improve his/her own practice, using informal means.

Produce a reflection following each teaching event through video analysis of lesson. Analysis should include reflecting on the lesson plan and implementation of the plan indicating strategies to improve future teaching events.

4 – A2

Improve practice as a result of meeting with teams and work groups to gather information, analyze data, examine issues, set meaningful goals, and develop new approaches in order to improve teaching and learning.

Reflection paper include analysis of student data in light of the lesson objectives, discussion of issues creating barriers to learning, and how the advice from mentor teacher, colleagues, and course instructors were used to set meaningful goals and develop new approaches to improve teaching and learning.

4 – F1

The candidate is : ethical and reliable, and meets routine responsibilities consistently.

Demonstrate the ability to meet routine responsibilities during the teaching event and in class and uphold professional attributes of a teacher.