UTCH2020: Interactions and Equity - Lewis

Course Work

This grade is based upon completion of the following activities:

LESSON DESIGNS and LESSON PLANS                                                    

There are three Lesson Plans that you are expected to produce.

Lesson 1 is counted as your Teaching Event 1 and Lesson 2 and 3 are counted as Teaching Event II. For each teaching event you will be required to turn in a lesson design and a 5E lesson plan for each lesson.

  • Lesson Plan 1                                                                                               (8)
  • Lesson Design and Lesson Plan 2 and Lesson Plan 3                                         (20)


You are to submit two lengthy Lesson Analysis papers that include student data analyses, video analysis and feedback from mentor teacher and course instructor of your lesson plans and teaching.

  • Teaching Event 1 Analysis                                                                               (10)
  • Teaching Event 2 Analysis                                                                               (15)

RESEARCH PAPER 1                                                                                                 (10)

Research of School District and classroom

RESEARCH PAPER II                                                                                                (10)

Research on strategies for ELL students in math/science

RESEARCH PAPER  III                                                                                             (10)

Research on assessment for learning

TEACHING STATEMENT                                                                                            (5)

HOMEWORK                                                                                                             (10)

This includes a variety of written assignments and reading assignments. 

Grading Scheme

The total number of points possible for this course is 100 points.


Superior Work: Highest Quality


96 – 100


High Honors Quality


90 – 95


High Quality


87 – 89


Basic Honors Quality


83 – 86


Below Honors Quality


80 – 82


Above Satisfactory Quality


77 – 79




73 – 76


Below Satisfactory Quality


70 – 72


Above Minimum Passing


67 – 69


Minimum Passing


60 – 66




Below 59

Participation in Class and Engagement

This overall grade you achieve in this course is not solely based on the course work, but also on the elements described below. Failure to meet these requirements will mean points will be deducted from the overall course grade at the instructor’s discretion.


If you are sick and have a doctor’s note, your absences will not be counted. However, prolonged sickness causing you to miss more than 4 consecutive sessions may result in you having to withdraw from the course. Absences without a reasonable cause will result in point deductions from your final grade. If you are to be absent on the day of the scheduled session, you MUST email the instructor in advance to inform of your absence. It is then YOUR responsibility to meet with the instructor to collect the work missed. You will lose 1 point for each unauthorized absence.

Preparedness & Engagement in Class

You are expected to come to class on time.                                           

Class engagement includes participation in discussions, listening to others, as well as coming prepared and ready to share ideas that draw on relevant reading assignments.

Cell phone use is absolutely forbidden during the session. If you are expecting an urgent call, you MUST inform the instructor in advance.

Work Outside of Class

  • You are expected to devote 7-10 hours per week outside of class on (1) preparing to conduct teaching in local schools, which includes collaborating with your teaching group, individual preparation, and practicing using the materials for your lesson; (2) reading and analyzing articles, and preparing written analysis of your own teaching; (3) working on the required course work.
  • Assignments are due by the end of the day on the provided due dates or on the due dates determined in class. Failure to submit assignments on time will result in the deduction of a point from the assignment for each day it is late. If you need extensions to complete assignments, this should be negotiated in advance with the instructor.


You can outright fail this course and asked to withdraw from the UTeach program if you violate any one of the following dispositions:

  • strong work ethics
  • response to feedback shows willingness to learn and grow
  • collegiality and the ability to collaborate with peers
  • punctuality and reliability when engaged in field experience
  • respect for all students
  • approachable
  • sense of decorum/tact/good judgment
  • interacts professionally with students/parents/community/other school personal
  • commitment to the work and the profession
  • role model for students


Throughout the semester, homework will be assigned that will further your learning.

Please note 1 point will be taken away if the homework assignments are not completed. The reading assignments are important as they become the discussion for the next class session