POLI.1010: Introduction to American Politics - Gerson

Course Requirements

Students will be required to do the following in order for this to be a successful course:

Attend and participate in all class sessions.

a. Attendance will be taken daily. Fifteen percent of your final grade is based on attendance and participation. You are allowed three absences for the semester. After three absences, your grade for attendance and participation will drop a whole grade for every class you miss (e.g., your fourth absence will reduce your grade for attendance and participation to a B). Participation includes such things as your verbal contributions to class discussion, ability to listen to other students, civility in the classroom, assisting of students in the class, questions for guest speakers, meetings with the instructor, coming to class on time and extra credit assignments. Chronic late attendance or leaving class early will harm your attendance and participation grade.

b. You are responsible for material covered on the dates of your absence.

Read the required material in a timely manner.

Watch all required films via Ensemble, in class, at home or at Digital Services, and keep up with current events daily.

Present the following evaluations at the time indicated:

a. Three in-class exams: the exams will take place after two or three chapters are covered in our Wasserman text. Check Blackboard each week for the exam schedule. Each exam is worth 15% of your final grade (45% total).

b. Write a three-page review of Hillbilly Elegy (20%). Due March 6.

c. Write a three-page Supreme Court Opinion or Brief. (20%). Due April 17.

d. Submit the book review and Supreme Court Opinion or Brief via turnitin.com. See “Suggestions for Writing a Book Review and Brief/Opinion” on the course web page. Please note the due date may be subject to change.

Extra credit is available for the following:

  • Writing an introduction for a guest speaker and introducing that speaker in class. The introduction must be written out and sent to the instructor via email one week in advance of the event.
  • Write a one-page essay with political cartoon and present in class: “What Was The Most Important Political Story of 2016 and Why”. Due by January 26.

For all other extra credit please see the instructor.