PHYS.1210.103: Exploring the Universe - Cook

Course Coverage

Arny: Chapters 1-18

Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs met)

Quantitative Literacy (QL) (ELOs) met

Definition: Competency and comfort in working with numerical data. 

Expectations for Student Learning

  1. Explaining information presented in mathematical forms (e.g. equations, for Student graphs, diagrams, tables, words).
  2. Representation: Ability to convert relevant information into various mathematical forms (e.g. equations, graphs, diagrams, tables, words).
  3. Calculation: Ability to solve problems using effective calculations.
  4. Expressing quantitative evidence in support of the argument or purpose of the work (in terms of what evidence is used and how it is formatted, presented, and contextualized). Students will be demonstrate their quantitative literacy through weekly homework and on-line quizzes. The quizzes will be re-assessed using the in person final.