PHYS.1210.103: Exploring the Universe - Cook

How to Introduce an Open Text: What You Can Do

The OpenStax Astronomy Text being considered for this course can be accessed in the following ways from the OpenStax website:

  • View online
  • Download a PDF
  • Order a print copy
  • Download on iBooks

By far the simplest and most immediate is View Online, which requires nothing more than a click to bring you high resolution images and the text. The Table of Contents is easy to use and the only limitation is the speed of the site which will vary according to circumstances.

Clicking Download a PDF offers you the option of high or low resolution. there is a link to the low res option on the Resources page of this guide. High Res will take longer to download.

The option to Order a Print Copy provides two choices: one form the online bookstore NACSCORP or ordering from Amazon. The NACSCORP option brings you here where you will be asked to create an account. You are not brought automaticallly to the OpenStax book you are using. If Print copies are needed, then using the UML bookstore, as described below, is probably the best option. The Amazon copy cost $58, which is substantial. It does bring you directly to the book when you click that tab however.

When you click on Download on iBooks you are brought to an iTunes page offering downloads to Apple devices for $6.99.

Using the UMass Lowell Bookstore

From Tom Hoole:

"I have spoken with Follett and they will be able to source and stock some hard copies of the textbook.  They are checking into the details since this will be the first one ordered but they don’t anticipate any trouble.  The Text is available as an online book free of charge but there may be some students that want the hard copy, which will sell at a greatly reduced rate from a traditional textbook.  Follett should be able to sell it for the same or less than the OpenStax website currently offers.  Tim would have to place his order with Follett just as he normally does any textbook order."

It may be that Follett can order from the NACSCORP site noted above and thereby get copies at a lower cost than Amazon. NASCORP has become Independent Campus Bookstores Collaborative.